eCash Genie App Refer & Earn 2000 Points(PayTM/PayPal)+200 Points on Sign Up

eCash Genie App Offer/Loot/Refer Earn/Loot Trick

This eCash Genie App is Different from Other Apps. That means in other Apps you can Earn money Directly where in this App you can Earn the Points. In the App 5000 Points mean Rs.50. You can Earn through the Different task in the App like Referring friends, Watching Videos, Opening daily, By Installing the Apps, Magic box, By Complete profile, So many people spend time by waste. By wasting Time you will not Get Anything. Instead of this try this App and Make money.

eCash Genie App Refer & Earn 2000 Points(PayTM/PayPal)+200 Points on Sign Up

eCash Genie App can be Downloaded on only Android devices. This is the Simplest way to the Earnings. Earn by easy way of Doing the Task. If you Refer a Friend, A Friend you will get Up to 2000 Points. Read another loot NewsDog App Loot Join & Get Rs.50+Rs.25 Per Refer

About The eCash Genie Offer-

Nothing to do you have to Download the App and Enter the details like Name, Email, Phone number, Password and Invite code. Login simple into account. You can earn by not only Referring but also doing a task, Watching videos Redeem the amount you Earned. The minimum Redeem is Rs.50 (5000 Points) the money can be claim via PayTM or PayPal.

The way of Earnings in the App-

  1. Daily Check – 20 Points.
  2. Magic Box – 500 Points.
  3. Complete Profile – 100 Points.
  4. Invite and Earn – 200 to 2000 Points.
  5. Install & Earn – 1000 Points.
  6. Watch to Earn – 20 Points/ Per Video.
  7. Bin to Earn – Minimum 20 Points.

To Sign up The eCash Genie App & Earn-

  • Trickers who want to Download the Latest Version of the eCash App – From Here the App
  • Download the App and Install the App Normally.

eCash Genie App Refer & Earn 2000 Points(PayTM/PayPal)+200 Points on Sign Up

  • Now Click on Sign up & Enter the Details which are required to log in With Name, Phone number, Set Password (For security to Open), E-mail, Referral code1080143
  • Login to Account So that you Go to the Home page of the App.
  • In Homepage, you can see Refer option, Click on it.
  • Share your link and Refer code with your Friends, Groups.
  • The Tricker who Download and Create account Using your Refer code will get you and your friend free 200 Points.
  • When your Friend collects 2000 Points you will get 200 Points extra.

Redeem the Earnings-

  • 5,000 Coins to = Rs.50
  • 10,000 Coins to = Rs.100
  • 12,000 Coins to = Rs.120
  • 30,000 Coins to = Rs.300
  • 90,000 Coins to = Rs.900
  • 1,20,000 Coins to = Rs.1,200

eCash Genie App Refer & Earn 2000 Points(PayTM/PayPal)+200 Points on Sign Up

The Points can be Claim through PayTM, Gift Vouchers, Flipkart and PayPal. At the first Open the App and Click on Redeem. Choose Anyone the PayTM or PayPal. Finally, Click on Redeem Option and You will get Payment Instantly.

About eCash Genie-

Most of the time you spent with your mobile daily. Us this so that you can earn money and earn free while doing regular on your Android phone.

This eCash Genie App is a free cash reward app that enables to complete and to perform the simple task. If you complete the task you will be rewarded the Points immediately. Some people in earnings free cash, This is the best app to earn real cash and easy money. In this app, you can also earn by downloading the other apps in this app. This app is safe, fast, secure and reliable to use. I hope you enjoying by doing the task and earn the money.

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