CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

Hey, looters welcome back to our New Loot Tricks and today we are going to earn PayTM cash in CashNGifts App. CashNGifts is the app you can earn unlimited paytm cash hope you are enjoying the Free Recharge Tricks posted by Us. I hope you will enjoy this CashNGifts App.CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

About the CashNGifts App:

CashNGifts App you can earn by referring and offers, players earn, coupons & deals, reward videos, spin & win, activities, lottery, etc. So many chances to earn in this CashNGifts and you can earn unlimited paytm cash. You can not go anywhere from that and no need to work hard. Most of the time spent by using your mobile will waste by opening not getting money apps. By doing that time by opening the app and doing task can earn you paytm money.

You can not open the app means you can open through website also. This app privides Paytm cash, Mobikwik cash, Amazon gift card, and bank cash. Now transfer the money to Paytm, Mobikwil, Amazon, bank, etc money can be earned through this app easily and you will also get rewards.

How to Sign Up the CashNGifts App:

You have two ways sign in into the app. By downloading the app or you can create an account through website also.

  1. Users can Sign Up or Download from the App – Click Here
  2. The app is to be Installed after Downloaded or Open through a website.
  3. Then it will ask your Username and Password then at down you have click on a New Account.
  4. After you have to enter details, email, name and you have to create a password.
  5. That means you have type and down click continue.CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers
  6. Then it will process you back and enter Username & Password to login.
  7. The app will send an Email to your mail for verification, Email code should be entered and click on continue.CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers
  8. You will get Rs.54 joining bonus.

Different Ways to Earn Money from CashNGifts App:

CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

You can earn through different ways in this app like by offers, plays, rewards video, coupons, spin & win, lottery, refer and earn, solve & earn, lucky box, gifts, meme rewards. We will explain you clearly of what you want to earn. Explain clearly each offer in below:

A). Offers:

On the homepage, you find offers at first click on it. Then you will see offer wall, best offers, daily surveys.CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

i). Offer Wall: Select first one offer wall and open it then you can see some add click anyone you wish. Then about the offer and rewards, you can see and do the task to earn.

CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

ii). Best Offers: By opening best offers you can see some best offers of high CashNGifts points like survey or apps. Complete any process you wish.

iii). Activities: By opening activities you can see share and earn, daily bonus, contest, like and earn, follow and earn, etc choose anyone or do all to earn more points.

iv). Refer and Earn: Open the refer and earn you can see languages and the link of the app or web are above. You can see and click on share to earn points. Like the way and earn more points.

v). Redeem: On the main menu, you can see at the left top corner click on it and in that at the bottom redeem option was present click on it. You can redeem through paytm, mobikwik, etc.

  • The minimum points are 500 required to redeem.
  • Click on Gift option.
  • Choose redeem and open, Enter require details.
  • Finally, redeem and get redeem your credit within 48 hours manually.

CashNGifts Earn Unlimited PayTM Cash by Referring and by Offers

B). Daily Survey:

You know very well what is a survey. They ask you question of certain and you have to answer the way complete survey daily to get the bonus.

i). Play and Win: This is the second offer appear on the screen. Open it and you will appear the conditions like:

  • You can play long the games from CashNGifts and get points.
  • If you play along the game you have more points to win.
  • You have to quit the game from this app only why because otherwise points will not be credited.
  • Points will be credited within 5 minutes only.
  • Earn unlimited by playing games daily, after this click play now you will find so many games to play. Play to win point’s not for simply.

C). Rewards Video:

Click on watch video and watch the full video to earn points otherwise points will be not credited If you skip the video. If you finish the video come back and play another video points will be credited automatically within 5 minutes.

D). Spin and Win: For every 10 minutes you can spin and earn. You can earn between 1 to 10 points and you can see leaderboard also by swimming right play for every 10 minutes to be in the first place and can earn more.

E). Coupons & Deals: There are two types of coupons (i) exclusive coupons and another one is discounted coupons. These may be not shown if there is no offers at present.

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